IDS AirNav has won a contract with Fiji Airports LTD for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the CRONOS and the AMHS (Aeronautical Message Handling System), two advanced systems for the management and exchange of aeronautical information.
Fiji Airports is responsible for air traffic control over 15 airports on the Fiji Islands, including the two international airports at Nadi and Nausori, and over an airspace of more than 6 million square kilometers.
In detail, CRONOS is the platform for the dissemination of aeronautical information, such as NOTAM (NOtice To Air Men) to inform flight crews about conditions along the route, the efficiency of radio navigation and any changes in the availability of airspace or runways in use, weather data (OPMET) and pre-flight information bulletins (PIB).
CRONOS, a high-performance, high-availability digital archive, thanks to its integration with the AMHS messaging system, governs and facilitates the exchange of aeronautical information, making it easy to read and disseminate among all aviation stakeholders such as airports, airlines, air forces and weather services.


IDS AirNav has awarded the procurement of ROMATSA – the ANSP of Romania – the ROMAirTCM – ROMATSA Air Traffic Complexity Management Tool, for managing complexity in the context of defined operational constraints, in support of the decision to optimize its management in all stages of ATFCM (Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management), respectively at the strategic, pre-tactical, tactical and post-operational level of air traffic control activity. Also, the IDS AirNav solution will support R&D analyses, carried out for operational purposes.
IDS AirNav solution will contribute to optimised capacity and operational activity efficiency, as well as to increasing the level of safety, while reducing the environmental impact of pollution of the ROMATSA controlled flights.
The IDS AirNav solution will be delivered, installed and configured at ACC București operational room dedicated to the pre-tactical and tactical evaluation of the air traffic load.
The IDS AirNav Traffic Complexity Tool will help Romatsa operators and managers to perform quick and effective analysis during their shift. The tool performs traffic monitoring against available capacity and runs what-if analyses prompting users with the operational impact of these recommendations. The operators always keep focus and awareness on key points avoiding time-consuming tasks.


IDS AirNav has won the tender for the supply of the dynamic aeronautical information management system in Norway to AVINOR, the Norwegian Air Navigation Service Provider.
The contract provides for the implementation of the innovative CRONOS system already in use by ENAV itself and the Italian Air Force in addition to the consolidated Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Romania and recently also chosen by the Taiwanese Civil Aviation Authority.
The system object of the supply will be implemented in a plan of about 2 years in line with the expectations of European regulations (replacing the previous one after about 25 years) and will also including the supply of technological evolutions in the SWIM field.
The CRONOS system will support the management of traditional and digital NOTAM messages, MET data, flight plans, ATS messages and pre-flight bulletins (PIB) by responding to current and future ICAO ASBU recommendations and the European Sesar Deployment Manager requirements on the relevant CP1 legislation of Digital Notam and the SWIM paradigm for data digitization and distribution.
This new contract consolidates the close collaboration between ENAV and the Norwegian ANSP AVINOR which made and considered the choice of the CRONOS solution as the most advanced in the context of the tender, adding another northern European country of fundamental strategic importance in the European and international scenario.


India’s ANSP Airport Authority of india (AAI), has renewed its trust in IDS AirNav, by signing a contract to upgrade the static aeronautical information management system in India.
The contract involves upgrading the current AIM system in operation at AAI by implementing the system for airport and obstacle data management (eTOD system), approach and departure procedure design (FPDAM) and validation (FPSAT), airspace management and design (Airspace Design), and optimization of their capacity (Airspace Coordination). As part of the project, specific “on-the-job” training is planned to train personnel to use the systems during operational phases.
This project will enable Airport Authority of India to implement a new integrated and more sustainable way of working among the different departments that contribute to the delivery of aviation services that the client provides on its territory.


IDS AirNav has signed a contract with the air navigation service provider of Taiwan, ANWS (Air Navigation and Weather Services).
The contract, with a duration of 5 years, has a total value of 5 million euro.

“CRONOS” will be utilized for the management of:
– “AIS-TAM” Aeronautical Information: events or notifications containing temporary information (new procedures, alerts) essential for the personnel involved in flight operations;
– “OPMET” Information: meteorological information intended for flight planning;
– “ATS” Information: information provided to service providers and authorities, relating to a flight scheduled in a time interval within a portions of airspace;
– Pre-Flight Information Service: presentation of aeronautical and meteorological information relating to data on the route to be covered and on departure, destination or alternative airports.

“CRONOS” thus adds to the services already provided by the ENAV Group and in use by ANWS, as the system for the design of approach procedures and the system for the publication of aeronautical information, for the benefit of optimized operational processes and improved sustainability.

Pasqualino Monti – ENAV Group CEO – said: “We are focusing heavily on the not-regulated market, which represents an essential driver to grow the company’s margins. IDS AirNav’s systems are among the most widely used internationally, but I am confident that there is still plenty of room for improvement, thanks also to the capabilities we have in other areas such as training or aviation consulting. We are working to create a true commercial ecosystem that integrates all the capabilities of our Group even more efficiently.”
The contract foresees the supply and assistance of “CRONOS”, a new aeronautical information management system. It is a high-performance digital platform that will be in use in the Taiwanese control rooms and accessible by airports and airlines by 2024.


Dear friends,

we are glad to inform you that in 2023 the XXI AeroSIG meeting will take place in Rome on 10 and 11 October.

The two-day annual meeting will introduce a plenary session and the related breakout sessions.

We are looking forward to meeting you face to face again!

The IDS AirNav staff


IDS AirNav, an ENAV Group company market leader in the provision of aeronautical information management systems and flight procedure design, has signed a contract with ANS CZ – the Air Navigation Service Provider of the Czech Republic.

FPDAM (Flight Procedure Design & Airspace Management), the program used to design flight procedures, is made available as part of the commitment. This system, in compliance with the requirements of ICAO and EASA international rules, will enable ANS CZ to manage its airspace with high performance, more efficient flight paths, and a resulting decrease in fuel consumption and emissions.

IDS AirNav: contract signed with LVNL

IDS AirNav – leading international ENAV Group Company in aeronautical information management systems – has signed a contract with Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL), the Dutch air navigation service provider.

The agreement includes the supply of the AIM system “on AIR”, Aeronautical Information Management in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. This is a platform for the management of aeronautical data, necessary for air navigation, managed through the cloud. IDS AirNav will be responsible for the management, maintenance, and evolution of the AIM system, accessible via the web thanks to a secure connection and in accordance with the highest security criteria, requested nowadays.

The contract with the Dutch service provider – with a duration of 5 years – has a total value of EUR 4.1 million.

AIM “on AIR” is an innovative solution that enables customers to optimize their resources, increase sustainability and maximize the efficiency of their operational processes.

Pasqualino Monti – ENAV Group’s Chief Executive Officer – stated: “We are particularly proud of this contract. We are focused with strength and determination on exporting know-how and operational excellence to the international market and to all those countries that need to evolve their airspace management capabilities. For the new management, the unregulated market represents a pillar in which to invest decisively for the growth of ENAV. The agreement with the Dutch service provider goes exactly in the direction we are taking”.

IDS AirNav @ Airspace World

IDS AirNav, an ENAV group company, attended Airspace World which took place from 8 to 10 March 2023 in Geneva at stand F19

During the international event IDS AirNav presented the ENAV Group portfolio in the field of Remote Tower implementation, Digital AIM solutions integrated with traffic complexity, flight procedure design, ground and flight validation solutions and services, the innovative Portable console for PINS validation, UTM with ATM harmonization and a comprehensive approach for scalable ATC systems.

IDS AirNav world market leading solutions, fully based on interoperability and flexibility concepts, cover all aspects of the air navigation services provision.

Combined ATM solutions and COTS software products are our comprehensive set of innovative products offered, worldwide. 

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IDS AirNav was awarded a contract with Maldives Airport Company (MACL) thus added to customer’s portfolio.
The contract worth approximately $500,000 and foreseen to provide for the supply, installation, and operational management of the Aviation Message Management System (AMHS) at Velana International Airport in Malé. It is the main airport of the Maldivian archipelago over which 4.3 million passengers and 64 thousand flights annually transit. It has a “Seaplane” terminal in addition to terminals for international and local flights.
The AMHS is the next-generation technology platform for the sharing of aeronautical information among all stakeholders involved in flight operations: air navigation service providers, airport operators, army, and meteorological information providers.
Maldives Airports Company thereby has been added to the client’s portfolio, 130 worldwide, to whom ENAV Group provides its know-how and technologies, which range from the supply and installation of technology platforms as well as consultancy and training in aviation.